Yogacharya Sandeepoorna

profile picI am a trained Yoga instructor and Yoga psychologist from the Bihar School of Yoga. After having completed my further education from Bihar Yoga Bharati (World’s First Yoga University), I came to Mumbai looking to spread my Guru’s message of “Love & Live Yoga” and have since been teaching here for the past 13 years. My teachings are aligned to the principles of Satyananda Yoga.

My extensive background in the study of Yoga has given me thorough knowledge on how to approach  physical, mental and general health problems using various yogic techniques and exercises. Having done both personal training and corporate yoga in the city, my programs are especially suited to for individuals with time constraints.

Yoga for me is more than a profession, it is a way of life, and I most enjoy teaching when I am given the opportunity to communicate this way of living to my students. As a teacher, I try and impress upon my students the importance of  attaining  an anatomical understanding of the postures and direct their attention to the detailed physicality and energetic intent of the asanas. By discovering body and breath awareness, one can develop a compassionate and joyful attitude towards themselves and the world around them.

Niru ji

Version 2Yoga Styles – Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Niyasa, Prenatal postnatal yoga, & Children’s Yoga and Ayurveda. I believe in perusing a yogic life with exchange of knowledge and learning. I take an anatomy-based approach to Yoga. Since we differ in the way our bodies are aligned so our yoga must also be specific to our bodies. Having said that I teach yoga seeped in the traditional yogic aspects. As a result my classes are tailored specifically to the students. For me Yoga not only as a physical activity but also a way of being. The practice I teach is powerful on the energetic level as well as the subtle. I use graceful flows, attention to breathe, combined with intention-setting and conducive soundtrack, ensuring presence and joy in each moment on the mat.
I was born in to a household in the northern Himalayas, well versed in yogic practices. So yoga came naturally to me. Over the years I have deepened my understanding of yoga and its influence plus relevance in my life. As such the breathing and postures become part of daily existence and life does become an act of yoga itself. So the physical benefits are welcome but it is the subtle energetic benefits that delight me on the daily basis.
I have been teaching and practicing yoga for nearly 20 years and have always been intrigued by its depth of knowledge.I learnt the precepts of Yoga through my guru ji’s teachings in small town in the Himalayas in 1993. I also learnt the principles of ayurveda. I was an apprentice and assisted him for 2 years before he was satisfied with my yogic skill and learning. Further to that I did International Yoga Teachers Training, RYT200 True Yoga Singapore June 2011,Yin Yoga Teacher Training by Paul Grilly, Singapore Feb 2012, Children’s Yoga Course RCYS Tirishula Yoga Singapore April,2012. Since 2014 I am associated with the Yogic studies program at Satyananda Yoga. I have taught yoga in India, Singapore, Indonesia, Fiji and Australia.