Corporate Training


The workplace is a transformational space – it drives an individual’s professional and personal growth in a way no other space can. It is here, that an individual, as part of a team, under the tutelage of his seniors creates value – for society, for business, for the team and for themselves. The workplace has the scope to engineer this growth for a person to reach their full potential. Having said that, it is not news that the workplace also operates under tremendous amount of stress – to perform, to produce results. People buckle under this stress which leads to health problems that can range from obesity to heart attacks and brain strokes. It is also not news that workplace stress can take away from all the potential this space holds for those who inhabit it.

The costs of stress to your organization invariably will reflect in high staff turnover, an increase in absence due to sickness, reduced work performance, poor timekeeping and more employee complaints, since stress in one person transfers to stress in the team who have to cover for their colleagues. It is a vicious cycle that can end up very costly for the company.

Fortunately, stress need not cost you so dearly. There is a way to maintain a level of graceful productivity within the four walls of an office and manage stress effectively. It’s called Corporate Yoga. Yoga is known as an exercise, a form of meditation, and a way to relieve stress. The poses and breathing techniques involved in yoga are such that anyone doing it is pushed to their body’s limits (especially if it’s their first time trying it), taught to focus solely on breathing and holding their poses, and learn to simply be aware of the moment, and their bodies experiencing it. There isn’t a better way to teach workaholics to loosen up than to get them to forget about work completely—and, loosen up their limbs a little too while they’re at it.

Because stress is lessened, and work feels somewhat lighter, it is likelier that people in the office are working with a clearer and more focused mind. This means time better managed, tasks accomplished more efficiently, problem-solving skills sharpened, and decision-making moments are better executed. Who doesn’t want a team in constant tip-top performance?
Apart from improving productivity levels, the fact that the mind is clearer after a yoga session means there is more mental energy for creative ways of thinking.

Finally, Corporate Yoga can help build a stronger more solid people organization. A group yoga session would give you and your colleagues a shared experience which will be an effective and creative way to solidify a team.

A few modules are on…

  • Stress Management.
  • Improving Productivity.
  • Managing Work Life Balance.
  • Healing Spondylitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Back Pain.
  • Managing acidity and all related problems.

Some of the illustrious clients he has worked with include:

  • ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa’ Academy
  • STAR Voice of India
  • Train Brain Health Plus
  • ONGC
  • Cairn India Ltd.
  • HAL
  • Aditya Birla Group

The sessions are customized to the requirements and characteristics of the organisation and its employees and are designed to be integrated into the workplace culture with ease.

I. Manage your Stress through yoga (Short Introductory Course)

Course Code: short SMTY 01

This course is specially designed to give an introduction to the art of managing ones’ stress through yogic techniques. It provides an understanding about what stress is, how it affects oneself and others and how one can manage it.
Key Learnings: Basic Asana, Pranayama, Relaxation Techniques
Duration: One day (3 hour session)
Participation: Mandatory participation of at least 25 people

II. Manage your Stress through yoga (intense course)

Course Code: SMTY 03

This course focuses on Relaxation & Stress management in greater depth, offering a detailed understanding about the physiological, emotional and psychological effects of stress in our lives. This course teaches individuals to not only cope with stress at work, improve concentration and focus in the work place and improve their physical stamina and agility via more rigorous yogic poses and practices.

Key Learnings: Basic Asana, Pranayama, Meditation Techniques for Relaxation and other challenging situations, Structural Body Work to help increase flexibility, stamina and strength, Reenergizing Practices that help increase concentration and creativity.
Duration: Three days (3 hours per day)
Participation: Mandatory participation of at least 25 people

III. Energize Yourself Through Yoga

Course Code: EYTY 03

This intensive yoga course is specially designed for those who suffer from undue exhaustion in workplace and constant lack of energy. This course covers special yoga techniques enlighten one to their internal energy-state and increase and maintain vital energy and power within.

Key Learnings: Basic and Advanced Asana, Key Pranayama Techniques, Relaxation Techniques as well as a Home Yoga Program customized to each participant’s need to help them incorporate yoga in their daily routine will be provided.
Duration: Three days (3 hours per day)
Participation: Mandatory Participation of at least 25 people

IV. Optimum Health Through Yoga

Course code: OHTY 03

This is a comprehensive health management course designed especially for executives who have physical and specific psychosomatic health problems. The participants are divided based on their specific health conditions, in following groups: Yogic health management for cardiac & hypertension patients; Yogic health management for diabetes and asthma patients; Yogic health management for arthritis, back & neck problems; Yogic health management for depression & over stressed participants

Duration: Four days (3 hours per day)
Participation: Mandatory Participation of at least 25 people.

V. Yoga celebration week

Course Code: YCW 07

This program is specially designed for all those who seek improved health and increased vitality. This week is designed to offer a deep understanding of yoga and the yogic lifestyle – in the context of our hectic lives today. The participants will gain knowledge of important concepts related to a yogic lifestyle like balanced yogic diet, lifestyle changes, daily routines and so on. It will also help participants understand how to gradually improve their routines to impact their lives positively.

Key Learnings: Basics of Yoga, Basic & Advanced Asanas, Pranayama, Mudras, Meditation Techniques & Relaxation techniques like Shavasana and Yoganidra, Introduction to Chakras, Panchkosha, and Panchaprana.

Duration: One week (3 hours per day)
Participation: Mandatory participation of at least 25 people.