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Yogacharya Sandeep aka ‘Sn. PoornaPrem’ is one of the best celebrity yoga trainers of india, he is also the most successful yoga teacher of india who believes that Yoga is not just a workout but a lifestyle that nourishes your mind, body and soul.

Yoga For The West

Yogacharya Sandeep aka ‘Sn. PoornaPrem’ offer yoga classes to the turists comming to india in their own resort and also travels around the globe to teach yoga

Welcome to Sandeepoorna

Do you desire to improve your mental/physical wellbeing? Are you looking for means and ways to improve your productivity, both at a personal and profesional level? Do you have a desire to be a better citizen of the world? Yoga is the answer! And Yogacharya Sandeep is the medium!

About Yogacharya Sandeep

I am a trained Yoga instructor and Yoga psychologist from the Bihar School of Yoga.

After having completed my further education from Bihar Yoga Bharati (World’s First Yoga University), I came to Mumbai looking to spread my Guru’s message of “Love & Live Yoga” and have since been teaching here for the past 13 years. My teachings are aligned to the principles of Satyananda Yoga... Read More

  • Hare krishna , learning yoga as a way of life (not just as a set of asanas) under the able guidance of Sandeep Prabhu has improved the quality of my life and made it more wholesome . I highly recommend Prabhu's guidance to all for learning to lead a complete life thru yoga as a means. Hari bol.
    Gargi Tewari
  • It's been great working with Sandeep sir,though for a short time ,it was a nice experience,his knowledge on yoga is vast n inspiring.
    Sonal Minocha
  • Sandeep has been a great influence on our work force. Since the conditions they work in are very difficult, keep them fit, both mentally and physically was a big challenge for us, which was overcome by the devotion and dedication of Sandeep.
  • Sandeep is a compassionate and gifted teacher. His energy and dedication to Yoga combined...!
    Arjun Rampal
    Bollywood Superstar

Sandeep Yogacharya

We feel truly blessed that we had the opportunity to be associated with you Guruji. Our beloved Guru, Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati Ji has been awarded India's third highest civilian award - Padma Bhushan. Our humble Salute and Congratulations to him. Your teachings and ideologies are always with us to treasure throughout our lifetime. PRANAM....

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